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We provide DFT/CAA approved Training for Aviation Cargo Security, NXCT and X-Ray Operator Training, as well as training for Known Consignors.

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We are approved by the Dft/CAA to conduct training in regard to Aviation (Cargo) Security. We teach all the required modules including X-Ray, NXCT and Image recognition.

This training is a requirement for Regulated Agents, and anyone involved in the handling/transport and access to secure SPX/SCO cargo including searching and guarding of aircraft.

These courses are conducted at Heathrow, your venue and online.

The training is divided into modules.


AVSEC – Cargo Aviation Security Principles (Office)

General awareness, office / warehouse people who do not handle secure SPX/SCO cargo or have a specific security duty

AVSEC – Cargo Operative (Driver)

This course is aimed at Drivers who transport and handle secure SPX/SCO cargo,

AVSEC – Search and Guard Aircraft

This course is aimed at persons who search and guard aircraft.

AVSEC – Cargo Operative (Driver) Revalidation

This Level is for those persons that handle and prepare secure cargo, Drivers, Warehouse, those who sign the CSC.

AVSEC – Cargo Operative

For staff involved in the application of security measures as part of their job.

AVSEC - Cargo Operative Screening

Cargo Operative Screening, works in Regulated Agent and Screens cargo by any Approved Method (Modules 12-19 must be selected by screening method used).

AVSEC – Cargo Supervisor (Module 20)

Cargo Supervisor, this is a standalone module that will be added to your Level of training.

AVSEC - Cargo Manager Module 21

Cargo Manager, this is a standalone module that will be added to your Level of training.

AVSEC - Upgrade from CASP to CO - Drivers & Office Upgrades

Upgrade from CASP (Driver) to CO (Driver). The additional Modules can be supplied by Training Link as a DfT/CAA accredited trainer.

AVSEC - Spare

AVSEC - Re-validation Training Available Online & Classroom

Revalidation Training at all levels.

National X-Ray Competency Test

The NXCT is required by persons who operate cargo X-ray machines.

XIR6x6 Online X-Ray Image Recognition Training

Each operator must receive at least 6 hours of recurrent training in every 6 month period.

Known Consignor Training

New DFT regulations now state that Known Consignors also require various levels of Aviation Cargo Security Training.

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